2023 JustBet Review

JustBet has been operating in the sportsbook industry since 1995, predating the advent of online sports wagering. Significant updates have been made to the website throughout the years, including the integration of a racebook, live in-play, and casino activities, as well as a comprehensive migration to the Bookmaker platform in 2006.

In review,
Commence by addressing the positive aspects. Consider the following justifications for creating an account at JustBet:

Under one structure, JustBet houses a sportsbook, racebook, and casino.
There are numerous gamblers in my personal network who enjoy watching ponies, placing bets on football, and playing baccarat. While the absence of a poker room may disillusion some, it is a convenient way to access a variety of gambling options in one location.
If one is the type of gambler who enjoys varying their wagers, this feature will surely appeal to you.

Players are welcome from all over the globe, including the United States.
France appears to be the only country explicitly prohibited at JustBet. It has become increasingly challenging for bookmakers residing in the United States to locate a venue that accepts their wagers since the UIGEA bill was passed in 2006. This legislation imposes restrictions on specific financial transactions that occur between Americans and well-established gambling sites. Residents of the United States of America who wish to engage in online slot games or sports betting will be pleased to learn that JustBet welcomes their patronage.

Promotions and bonuses are presented in straightforward language that is reasonably unambiguous.
Although all sites impose rollover requirements (since no one is in the business of giving away money), I did come across some genuinely respectable incentive offers with explicit terms and conditions on certain sections of JustBet’s promotions page. As an illustration, the sportsbook bonus rollover for all sports-related promotions is a consistent 4x deposit-plus-bonus. While I may find the 40x rollover requirement for the site’s slot incentive to be laughable, it is important to highlight their strengths in this aspect.

It is now time to discuss the negative aspects. I am concerned about the following regarding JustBet’s services:

The website is administered from Costa Rica.

The geographical placement of the headquarters of an online sportsbook or casino is typically inconsequential. Our primary concern pertains to the jurisdiction from which the license for the site is issued. The purported source of JustBet’s “licensing,” if one exists, is the government of Costa Rica. The reason for that difficulty? Costa Rica lacks the necessary infrastructure to issue licenses for games of chance.
It appears that the sole prerequisite for operating a wagering website from Costa Rica is to remit payment for a business license to the government. Legitimate licensing, which carries an annual fee of $10,500, represents the sole impediment to the establishment of an illicit enterprise in Costa Rica. While I do not intend to imply that JustBet is a shady organization solely on the basis of its Costa Rican location, that location does not instill any faith in their legitimacy.

The casino game selection at JustBet is excruciatingly limited and comprises unsightly titles that lack a coherent design framework.
A comprehensive tally of 36 games is available on the site, encompassing slot machines, table games, and additional offerings. A game library could not possibly irritate me more if it were to strike me in the nose. The user interface is no exception; it is composed entirely of matte gray, silver, black, and scarlet. Additional information is provided in the Casino section that follows.

It is difficult to pinpoint, but there is something “off” about this website.
I would like to clarify that I find it peculiar that customer service is not accessible at all times, as is the case at every major sportsbook and casino website I have ever evaluated. Although I am unable to identify a particular grievance regarding this matter, it is simply unfortunate that they do not adhere to the same criteria as their rivals. Likewise, the requirement to create an account in order to access a catalog of available casino games (as well as a few other site features) is frustrating. Although I was not required to make any payments, I am not accustomed to being unable to access the casino library until I have created an account. Once more, I have no particular reason to be angry about that; it’s simply an inconvenience to which I am not accustomed. Just about every aspect of JustBet raises the query, “Why did they do it that way?”






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