Quick Look at the Slot Based on the Legend of Robin Hood

Just For The Win has given gamers a second chance to go on a wilderness adventure with infamous bandits who are known for robbing from the wealthy and giving to the needy. We are, of course, referring to the eponymous Robin Hood and his Merry Men (and Maid Marian) from the popular online slot game. Perhaps JFTW purposefully reduced the number of characters in Robin Hood’s Heroes to create place for the bonus features. Notably, Robin Hood’s Heroes has a Cash Collect feature, a Cash Grab feature, Wild Splits, Free Spins, and maybe even a purchase function.

When Robin Hood’s Heroes is loaded, it’s like entering a scene from a medieval dinner, complete with lively music, rhythmic dancing, appreciative onlookers, and a general sense of good times being had by all. A Robin Hood wanted poster flutters in the wind, a chest rests on the ground, and the game’s active panel is placed towards the centre of the screen in this upbeat adventure set at the edge of Sherwood Forest (the setting of the story).

The panel has six reels, with a 4-5-5-5-5-4 arrangement (4 symbols on the two outer reels and 5 symbols on the four inner reels). This configuration offers a massive 10,000 ways to win, activated if a set of identical symbols lands on neighboring reels, beginning on the far left. There are three different RTP settings available, with the maximum being 96.05% and the lowest being 92.21%. All three have considerable volatility, and with hit rates between 25.35 and 28.46 percent, just around one in four spins ends in a prize. You may get your outlaw on on any gadget that allows wagers of 20 p/c to £/€50 each paid spin.

As we go over to the paytable, we see that there are 10 base symbols that pay out. Diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades are the lowest-paying tiles for a six-of-a-kind victory, at 0.5x the stake. Six of a type for a cup, knife, hat, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, or Robin will earn you 0.8 to 5.0 times your initial wager. Wild and Wild Split symbols appear on reels 2-5 throughout the main game and free spins. Both can be used as a stand-in for regular pay symbols. However, when a Wild Split symbol appears, it divides into two or more wilds, giving players more opportunities to win.

Features of the Robin Hood Slot Machine

Aside from the free spins that were briefly mentioned, there are also Cash Collects, Cash Grabs, and a Buy option.

Money Received

Both the regular game and the Cash Grab feature require money symbols to occur on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. A wager multiplier is shown on each one. Cash Collect is activated by getting 3, 4, or 5 Money symbols in any position during the main game. When the Cash Collect feature is triggered, the player receives a payout equal to the sum of all Money symbols currently in view.

To Steal Money From

If you get 6 or more Money symbols during the main game, you’ll win 3 respins in the Cash Grab bonus. Any landing sign will reset the number of respins to 3. Money symbols that triggered the bonus round stay in place, while the bonus round itself takes place on a grid where only Money symbols or three Hero symbols (the Adder, Doubler, or Collector) may land. With every spin, the counter next to each Hero sign goes up by one. When the counter reaches its maximum value, the Hero icon appears, and the number returns to zero.

When turned on, the Adder adds its value to that of three to six adjacent symbols.

When triggered, the Doubler double the value of three to six other symbols.

When turned on, the Collector accumulates the total values of all other symbols.

No Risk Turns

Landing 3 or 4 Free Spins scatter symbols during the base game triggers 7-15 free spins or 10-20 free spins, respectively. These symbols can occur on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. If you get 2, 3, or 4 free spins symbols while you’re in free spins, you’ll get 2, 4, or 7 more free spins, accordingly. During the bonus games, the regular wilds are swapped out with Wild Split symbols. Cash Grab cannot be activated during free spins.

Purchase Option

There are three methods in which players can get the Cash Grab function. Cash Grabs may be obtained for 53x the stake, 119x the bet with two starting Hero symbols, or 209x the bet with four starting Hero symbols. Six Money symbols are required to activate the bonus round in every case.

Winners and Losers in the Robin Hood Slot

After playing Robin Hood’s Heroes, it’s clear why there are so many different types of Robin Hood slots available. The original Robin Hood story is attractive because it features vivid characters, exotic settings, and exciting adventures. Just For The Win hasn’t delved too deeply into the narrative of Robin Hood’s Heroes, opting instead to sidestep the fight between good and evil seen in games like iSoftBet’s Sheriff of Nottingham series. Instead, Robin Hood’s Heroes maintains a tone that is as upbeat and optimistic as possible, which is what drew us in to see what else it has to offer.

Once inside, things improve greatly. The features, much like the theme, are breezy, practical, and occasionally thrilling. However, traces of other effects can be found everywhere, diluting their effect. Wild Splits, despite the trademark, are lifted directly from the Nolimit City playbook and are only helpful in free spins when they are the only wild type which arises. As we progressed to the Cash Grab, we were reminded of Money Mariachi by the counter that must be filled by special symbols before their impact is activated. The Cash Grab bonus round never lasted nearly as long as the Money Mariachi bonus round can, and that’s not the only way in which they vary. The grid in Cash Grab does not expand to accommodate more reels, and the game’s top payout is capped at 5,000 times the wager.

While Robin Hood: Heroes doesn’t provide any groundbreaking new elements, the film does a good job of tying its disparate parts together. The game’s upbeat vibes were a big part of the fun, but the variety of elements also helped keep things interesting. Certain Robin Hood fans will find excitement here, but they will have to accept a smaller group of Merry Men and the absence of the antagonistic Sheriff.






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